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Books and Chapters:



Educating for Menschlichkeit: A Kohlbergian Model for Jewish Day Schools.  In Wisdom From All My Teachers: Challenges and Initiatives in Contemporary Torah Education. (Saks, J and Handelman, S. (eds.)

      ATID, Israel and Urim Publications, Jerusalem/New York (2003).



Curriculum: Real Teachers in Focus. A Study in Jewish Education (Co-author with Prof. Oded Schremer)

     The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education, School of Education. Bar Ilan Universiry, Ramat Gan, Israel (2001)



Jewish Literacy by Design: A Case Study of Developing and Implementing a Jewish Literacy Curriculum.

    (in print, Dept. of Education, Bar Ilan University)






"Empowering Students: A Win-Win Educational Strategy," Jewish Eductional Ledership, Summer, 2010.


“Educating for an Ethical Jewish Community”, Jewish Education Leadership, Spring, 2010.


“Can Spirituality be Taught?”, Jewish Education Leadership, vol.6, Winter, 2007


“Discussion: How to Get Johnny to Read and Think: We Must Focus on Shared Jewish Literacy”, Jewish Educational Leadership, vol.2, Winter, 2004.


“Effective Curriculum Development: Rabbi Hirsch, Professor Hirsch and Me”, Jewish Education News, vol. 25 (2), Spring, 2004.


“Democratic  Techniques in an Orthodox High School”, Ten Da’at: A Journal of Jewish Education, vol.8 (1), Spring, 1995


“Rabin Assassination: Symposium” Ten Da’at: A Journal of Jewish Education, vol. 9 (1), Winter, 1996



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